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What’s on our Wishlist for our clients – 2023


If you have visited Studio Prineas recently you will be familiar with Susanna Vangelov’s work. Four incredible pieces are hanging in our foyer as an extension to M Contemporary Gallery a few doors down. Susanna is preoccupied with negative space and what lies within and beyond our perceived reality. Dean and Raquel recently asked me to select another piece for Fisherman’s House. Untangled 2023  is designed to float freely from a custom metal spine. The materials from both natural and industrial sources will fuse beautifully with the monolithic sandstone cliff and off-form concrete architecture of their home.

Eva-Marie Prineas




Continuing on the theme of negative space, The Cove Chair by Australian designer Thomas Coward cleverly takes two negative shapes placed on top of one another – one creating lift – the other creating support. Made from terracotta, this chair would feel right at home in Eleanor and Charles’ new lounge room, grounded in a sea of terracotta tiles.

Justin Park




As our design for our project on 100 hectares in Wiradjuri Country comes to life, I am  thinking about how this house will be occupied in the extreme climates experienced in Mudgee. I love this dustpan and brush designed by Sydney based object maker Kenny Yong-soo Son.  It is equal parts practical and beautiful and would be a lovely accoutrement for the suspended fireplace in the corner of James and Julia’s new lounge room.

Grace Keysers




If I won lotto (!), the first thing I would buy is this expressive and sculptural table for our clients Jackie and Mark.  Designed by Sydney architect and furniture maker Daniel Boddam, the celebration of brass and oak will compliment the new kitchen/dining space which has a strong focus on embracing raw materials. The weight of the base gives the table a sense of longevity – it will always be place for the family to come home to and gather around.

Angela Beshaw




When I think of Christmas in Sydney, I am reminded of long hot summer days, cold seafood and sparkling in the sun. While currently based in London, Will and Amélie can savour that Sydney summer feeling with this beautifully cast brass Sydney Rock Oyster incense holder by Australian object maker Corey Ashford – while we prepare their home for them in Bondi Beach.

Nicky Law




The Calle Porte door stopper designed by Belgian Designer Michaël Verheyden typifies his renowned aesthetic of geometric form, natural materials and clean lines. This minimalist and elegant travertine piece, showcases expert craftsmanship and the purity of the natural materials used. I love the idea of a beautiful object performing a daily practical function and so I select this piece for Kristen and Sam.”

Alice Coleman




The Eva Chair was named after our Principal – Eva-Marie. Well, not really but if you ask her – that’s what’s she’ll say. Really, it was created for the launch of a women’s fashion store. The designer Gustavo Bittencourt has been a favourite of Studio Prineas for many years. This chair in particular has been long admired for its contrast between the delicate frame and the strong and cozy seat. Resembling a pretty flower, we think this would sit perfectly at Paula’s new dressing table at Yarrabin.

Eleni Carolan




The polished concrete floors at Paula and Ralph’s home will enjoy the softness and warmth of a wool rug. We have been fans of the Agra range from our fellow B Corp friends at Armadillo & Co. for many years. Their Burnt Umber rug, while worked in a single colour, has a deep cut pile that reflects light creating movement and transformation through the day. This rug will bring as sense of artisanal craftsmanship and luxury to the elegant industrial interior.

Lisa Gervay

Published Thursday, 18th January 2024
By Studio Prineas

Untangled by Susanna Vangelov

Cove Chair by Thomas Coward

Dustpan & Brush designed by Kenny Yong-soo Son

Monument Table by Daniel Boddam

Sydney Rock Oyster incense holder by Corey Ashford

Calle Porte Door Stopper by Michaël Verheyden

Eva Chair by Gustavo Bittencourt

Burnt Umber Agra Rug by Armadillo & Co

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