Studio Prineas

Fishermans House

Inspiring a life well lived for our community and fostering a better future for our planet through architecture and design

At Studio Prineas we believe in the potential of architecture to have a positive impact on the world and feel strongly that it is our responsibility to wield our influence in a way that supports positive outcomes on both a macro and micro level.

As a Certified B Corporation we acknowledge and take seriously how our work can impact others; this knowledge motivates us and informs our process and decision making.



Generosity, kindness, and mutual respect underpin our relationships with clients, collaborators and with each other — defining our approach to business. Seeking more than the transactional, we believe in the importance of shared values and strive to establish long-term and meaningful relationships with all those we work with.


We recognise our responsibility as architects to to act as leaders and instigate change through the way we design, the products we specify, and how we listen, learn and create on Country. We consider environmental responsibility and cultural awareness at the centre of what we do, who we collaborate with, and every single design decision we make along the way.

Studio Prineas Impact Participation


Being actively engaged in our wider community is an important part of who we are. We are dedicated to driving our profession forward through our involvement with AIA, NSW ARB, Parlour and Architects Declare. We care for our wider community through our authentic and long-standing involvement with organisations including Two Good and the Indigenous literacy Foundation.

Studio Prineas is a Certified B Corporation