Studio Prineas

Doria Apartment

Doria Apartment

Doria Apartment

Double Bay
Gadi Country

The brief

An apartment to accommodate the practicalities of family life while also crafting a sense of experiential depth, akin to a design-centric hotel.

The result

The once dark and obstructed entry is thoughtfully rationalised to lend a greater sense of generosity on arrival. An existing visually dominating concrete column is neatly concealed within the kitchen joinery, while a narrow incision is carved through the apartment allowing natural light and landscape to peek through to the front door,

Brushed stainless steel, timber and terracotta-toned cabinetry animate the home’s central kitchen, while a monolithic terrazzo bench offers an intuitive gathering place to entertain.

An articulated portal announces the threshold to the dining and living spaces, where the energy of our clients’ art collection is balanced with a layered approach to colour, texture and form. Herringbone timber floors overlay a crafted tactility, a wall of blackened cabinetry elegantly integrates a fireplace and television, while a stretch of smoked mirror cabinetry reflects the room’s veil of peach-toned curtains.

Dedicated to lending additional purpose to the home’s over-scaled main bedroom, a bespoke timber bedhead is introduced, which neatly buffers a study area beyond. Access to a minor bedroom, once opening onto the living room, is redirected to a private corridor, which offers a greater sense of spatial logic between public and private zones.

The feeling

A layered and highly liveable home bringing luxury, joy and vitality to everyday life.

Luxe life

Modest in scale - Rich in mood

Cinematic & sensory

Photography Felix Forest

'A sleek Sydney apartment updated with modern and graphic elements'

Yeong Sassall - Vogue Living