Studio Prineas




Darling Point
Land of the Gadigal and Birrabirragal

The brief

Transform an eccentric 1960s apartment with to-die-for views into a haven of contemporary luxury. Create a seamless transition between a disconnected entry, the main living areas and an exterior balcony.


The result

Clarity, simplicity and a natural sense of flow wrapped up in a sumptuosly rich palette of dark jewel colours, tactile surfaces and sophisticated materials. A noteworthy art collection and high quality finishes including leather panelling, Calacutta viola marble and darkest timber combine to devastating effect. The previously disconnected entry and social living areas are now visually united via a skirting feature that effortlessly morphs from dark timber and steel joinery to floor threshold, to wall panelling and external deck. The addition of a finely crafted step-like platform, which wraps like a ribbon around the outer perimetre of the living area successfully connects the interior living space with the outside deck and that captivating view — so that now the balcony is magically experienced as an element within the room.


The feeling

A sophisticated retreat of grown-up elegance — with a view to make your heart soar. Rich, refined and devastatingly luxurious.

Eyrie elegance

Regal retreat

Photography Chris Warnes + Anthony Geernaert

'Practical, show-stopping beauty.'

Anna Delprat - Vogue Living Australia

Photography by Chris Warnes and Anthony Geernaert