Studio Prineas

Nano Pad

Nano Pad

Nano Pad

Land of the Gadigal of the Eora Nation

The brief – Reconfigure a poorly planned 22sqm inner city apartment into an alternative ‘design hotel’ with plenty of storage, privacy and light.

The result – A clever retreat offering equal parts function and style. The redesign centres around a new plywood insertion into the existing Art Deco interior, which provides a natural demarcation between sitting and resting areas via a raised sleeping zone.

A palette of lime-washed plywood is punctuated with black architectural details, dark joinery in the kitchenette and black steel hanging rails and bedside mirrors. Layers of curtains, bedlinen and towelling in muted shades and natural fibres soften the overall mood.

The feeling –  Intimate, cosy, surprise and delight.

Good things in small packages.

Intimate, cosy, surprise and delight.

Photography Chris Warnes

'Uncompromising in its spaces, this snug 22m2 apartment blooms from a strong, assertive design and lucky visitors are warmly greeted by creature comforts unparalleled by many other short-stays. Architect Prineas really have engaged in cutting edge ‘place making’ right here.'

Catherine Ashbridge
EST Living.