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What’s on our Wishlist for our clients – 2022


I have been an admirer of Carol Crawford’s work for some years now. Her work conveys the sense of nurturing, stability and protection. These qualities resonate with Studio Prineas’ belief in the importance of home and the influence it can have on our wellbeing. This work – Yente (2020) is a luminous interpretive
piece of peach coloured alabaster, in Carol’s signature interlocking feminine forms. This piece would sit harmoniously in Emily and Stephen’s dining room with the backdrop of the monolithic Tiberio marble in the kitchen.

Eva-Marie Prineas



On my Wishlist for Andrew and Marguerite, is the very sculptural V-Easy Chair by the inimitable Arno Declerq. This piece both speaks to and contrasts with the heaviness of the materiality of the architecture of their new home, while also touching the ground lightly in an origami-like way. Made from burned and waxed Iroko timber, Declerq has used the Japanese burning technique Shou Sugi Ban. A nod to our client’s request for the inclusion of the bespoke Japanese bath in their ensuite – this chair would sit comfortably in their master suite!

Alice Coleman



We visited the Artedomus showroom this year to celebrate the launch of their New Volumes Collection 02. This exhibition showcased the stunning terracotta pieces made by Australian artist, Chris Connell. Skáfos (Greek word for vessel) – a free-flowing umbrella holder would complement the terracotta tones throughout Paula and Ted’s house. This is a practical object for a busy family, but wonderfully sculptural for their mud room.

Grace Keysers



Last month I was lucky enough to visit Hobart and the otherworldly workshop of furniture maker and designer Laura McCusker. Our clients Jane and Alexander have a beautiful sunroom in their art deco apartment in Kirribilli, which we are transforming into a bespoke dining room. One of Laura’s custom designed and hand crafted timber tables would be a balanced and contemporary response to the intricate Art Deco timber panelling throughout the apartment.

Lisa Gervay



The Boowambillee Coffee Table is the quintessential Sydney piece. Designed by Koskela on Cammeraygal Land, the traditional sandstone is used in a contemporary way, deeply incorporating the story of Sydney. I love the way the light bounces from the Victorian Ash top but absorbs into the weighted sandstone legs. I imagine this table becoming a centre piece in Erin and Azeem’s new living space with an outlook to their light filled, native planted courtyard.

Angela Beshaw



I was recently introduced to the work of Kuku Yalanji and Hungarian artist Tiarna Herczeg by our friend and Koskela First Nations specialist Zoe Sims. Tiarna’s most recent exhibition explores the changes of seasons – ‘the transitions from windy & warm to sticky and hot’. In this work called Juwa | Too long a time, the sense of warmth is palpable. Tiarna hopes this means both rest and growth is near. This sentiment will resonate with our clients Annika & Blake – so I choose this for them.

Justin Park

Published Thursday, 15th December 2022
By Studio Prineas

Yente (2020) by Carol Crawford

V-Easy Chair by Arno Declerq

Skáfos by Chris Connell

TABLE by Laura McCusker

Boomwambillee by Koskela

Juwa / Too long a time by Tiarna Herczeg


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